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Why You Should Join Second Campus Training Institute

Residential Training

Our Training Institute provides Training, Acoomodation, Food and Placement under one roof.

Placement Team

Our Training Institute provides Dedicated Placement cell, Assistance till you get the Job.

Experienced Trainers

Our Training Institute provides Trainers from MNC's, having rich experience in software development

Real Time Projects

Every Student will complete a comprehensive Real Time Projects in our Training Institute

About Our Job Oriented Programme

Training Institute in Hyderabad
Who can join this Training Programme
Any Graduate ( IT and Non-It ) who is interested in pursuing his/her career in IT /Software field can join our Training Institute course, Candidates need not have any background on computers or need not have any computers knowledge, we will train the candidate from fundamentals to till he/she get the job.
Training Institute in Hyderabad
What we teach you at Second Campus
Job oriented training, Our Training Institute course is designed by our core team who are from IIT and IISC also CTO’s of software companies, this includes latest technologies ( JAVA, Angular 4/5, Express JS, MONGO DB, Node JS, BootStrap, along with job communications and special focus on English and Public speaking ), this combination will change from time to time depending on the job requirements
Training Institute in Hyderabad
What you get
Results matter, what you get is the Software JOB, we train you till you get the job even the course got completed in 3 months and we assist you till you get the job in our premises.So far we achieved 80+ success rate in first month itself, please check our previous batch reviews in Google or Facebook that shows our dedication and commitment.

Idea Behind Residential Training

Our research into job aspirants among various cities points to data that the average time spent training by a candidate is less than two hours per day, it also points to a general pattern where a candidate idles away hours, months and in a few instances years. We at Second Campus Learning Solutions believe that with our carefully designed curriculum, training structures in addition to our guidance and comfortable environment at our campus will help a candidate achieve their full potential and get placed in three month period. The concept of living and training under one roof was designed to manage students efficiently by steering them away from trivial activities and channelizing a candidate’s time and energy towards gaining employment.

Second Campus is a training institue in Hyderabad and offers classroom courses in the areas of Mean Stack Programming to students looking to build their Programing Knowledge.

Second Campus Learning Solutions is a fully residential Training Campus for IT job aspirants founded by a group of Software Architects from reputed MNCs. Each member of our team has been involved in Tech Industry for more than 15 years. List of MNCs we have been part of, include; IBM, INFOSYS, CAPGEMINI, Cognizant, United Health Group, SISL, SIEMENS, Apollo Health Street, CARE ,IDEA OBJECT, TELSTRA , CA Technologies , Motorola, MACH , Lycos and Hewlett-Packard.

Our Certified Training Courses

Mean Stack Training Course

MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web sites and web applications. The MEAN stack is MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS (or Angular), and Node.js. MEAN applications can be written in one language for both server-side and client-side execution environments.

We at Second Campus provide you a free demo and we explain in detail all the concepts of Mongo DB, Node JS, Angular and have a Final Project at the end of course.

HTML 5 & CSS 3 Training Course

Are you are looking for an in-depth HTML & CSS Web Designing Training Course with hands on experience on live projects. We offer the most advanced and practical oriented training for students, working professionals and entrepreneurs to understand the Web Designing and apply these strategies in real-time.

Our Web Designing Course is designed by our expert trainers, who has 9+ years of experience in the field of Web Designing. Start with a Free Demo.

Angular 5 Training Course

Angular 5 Training Course is designed to make you understand and master the Concepts of Designing a Single Page Application. Our Angular 5 Training Course include Modules, Services, Components, Forms, Bootstrapping, Ng Modules, Dependency Injection, HttpClient, Routing and Navigation. All the concepts will be explained on Live with Project.

We are also providing the Angular 5 Certification along with the course. Many of our students were able to pass the exam in the first attempt.

Java Training Course

Java is the most engaging and have billions of active users in Programming. Java Training Course teaches you how to use Java to create a minimized and a perfect working application . We teach you practical methods of implementing Java in code and optimisation to improve speed and performance of the application.

Our Java Course covers in depth concepts of Inheritance, Constructors, Arrays, Functions, Colelctions, Multi-Threading.

Node JS Training Course

Node.JS Training Course provides the way for individuals to get a job very easily as Node JS is the most required backend language which has very less Developers right now. We train you on real time projects using Node JS and we make sure you understand concepts well.

Our Node JS Training Course is suitable for making an application, because an application without a backend doesn't works and choosing Node.JS as backend makes your work easy.

Mongo DB Training Course

Our Mongo DB Training Course will make you a Best Database Developer. Our course is included with Conecpts like Atomicity, Transactions, Distributed Queries, Querey Plans, Query Optimization and a lot more. We will teach you the complete aspects of planning, designing and implementing a Database in real time.

Our Total course include in detail concepts of Responsive Web Design. We train students mainly on the area of Mean Stack to make them unique.


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